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What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the next iteration of the Internet. It is formed of an integrated network of virtual environments which are joined together to facilitate deeper, more meaningful online connections for everything from business to leisure to social interactions.

Why is the Metaverse an important part of the future?

With the development of Web3 technologies and the role out of virtual reality solutions, the Metaverse will soon become a part of our everyday lives. We will conduct business, do daily tasks and activities like banking and exercising, and spend time with our loved ones, all in this one unified space.

Building the Metaverse – Mazer World

As part of this exciting new technology, we are constructing our own vast network of futuristic virtual cities with a breathtaking cyberpunk design in order to display the incredible power of our Mazer Engine. We have already completed the first of our Cyber Cities, Cyber Tokyo – the crown jewel of Mazer World – where users can live out their dreams and have experiences that are simply not possible in the real world.

To gain access to this mind-blowing world, users can mint an NFT penthouse in Cyber Tokyo and eventually any one of our Cyber Cities. Penthouse holders can use their space for anything – hanging out with friends, enjoying the penthouse’s entertainment facilities, hosting professional business meetings, watching movies on their huge TV screen, or even traversing Mazer World and taking part in thrilling adventures with other members of the Mazer community. Building such a rich and immersive environment using blockchain technology is a challenging task, but it allows us to showcase the outstanding capabilities of our technology and demonstrate the value it offers.

A fully integrated ecosystem

The B2C solutions provided in our Cyber Cities interconnect with our B2B products and services to form an extended ecosystem which can serve both businesses and individual users alike. Mazer World will be populated by individuals enjoying the space for personal use as well as large and open communities similar to those found in a decentralized autonomous community. Within this unified space, users will have access to digital twins of real-life products and be able to view creative marketing campaigns, thus allowing businesses to build better connections with their customers and vice versa.

Custom Metaverse environments for business

Our Metaverse technology has been designed to fulfil a range of business solutions. Our virtual world consists of a honeycomb structure of different cells, with each business setting up its own cell to become part of the larger Mazer network. Through this, visitors to our Metaverse will be able to move smoothly from on cell to another, with one single avatar, without having to log in again and again. Users will be able to go from a car showroom, through a virtual bank branch, and off to their healthcare provider’s office, all with swift, intuitive movements.

We care about your privacy and security

As experts in our field, we have built Mazer Engine to have the most robust security protocols so that your information is kept safe and secure throughout your time in the Mazer Metaverse. All data is end-to-end encrypted, and every user’s information remains private due to our impenetrable firewall.

A long-term vision

Over time, we intend to grow our Metaverse until it becomes a place where our B2B products and services and our B2C spaces are all connected together into a massive network. We envision Mazer World as one unified, ever-evolving space populated by people and companies from all around the globe who have gathered to work and play together in a bustling, metropolitan network of Cyber Cities that rivals, and in some ways surpasses, real-world experience. With the power of Mazer Engine behind us, anything is possible.

Join Mazer today

So, if you want to become a part of this growing community, contact us today to learn more about how you can join Mazer World to develop your own virtual space and catapult your business into the future.

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