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Basic Training tools

In Mazer Trainer, we provide you with a variety of necessary tools that are equally crucial for both real-life training and XR training, ensuring the delivery of effective sessions.

The Freedom of Unlimited Virtual Whiteboard


Customize your virtual whiteboard with background options that suit your style & theme of your raining. Choose from grids, lines, or squares to create the perfect background for your content. Whether you're sketching diagrams, jotting down notes, or showcasing data, these texture options enhance organization and make your content more readable and engaging. Make your whiteboard truly yours and bring your ideas to life with ease! They allow for real-time interaction and engagement with participants.

Expressive Communication with 3D Emoji

3D Emojis

3D Emojis Participants can use 3D emoticons to provide instant feedback to trainers or peers, allowing for quick adjustments and improvements during the training session. The use of 3D emoticons adds an element of fun and interactivity to VR training sessions, capturing participants' attention and encouraging active participation throughout the training experience.

The Flexibility of Multi-Colored 2D/3D Markers

Markers (2D and 3D):

With virtual markers, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with an array of vibrant colors and sizes to create visually stunning training materials that captivate your audience. Whether you're highlighting key points, drawing diagrams, or annotating presentations, our virtual markers empower you to unleash your creativity without constraints

Exploring the World of Play and Innovation

Toys and gadgets:

Making training sessions more interactive and engaging, Reinforce concepts, stimulate creativity, and provide a tangible learning experience.

By utilizing these basic trainer tools effectively, you can create engaging and impactful training sessions that cater to the diverse needs of participants.


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