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Mazer Trainer is an ideal no-code VR Training Creator designed
for Corporate Trainers, Coaches, HR Professionals, and other experts
aiming to enhance their work environment and elevate it to the next virtual level
Easily create and run VR training with the most advanced platform on the market. Supplement traditional training with cutting-edge technology!


Easily create and run VR training
with the most advanced platform
on the market. Supplement traditional
training with cutting-edge technology

Take your training to the next level

Mazer Trainer

Adaptable pricing

Pay only for what you require

Mobile Connectivity

Use your phone to test and run your VR training


Multiple users at the same time in the same space


True-to-life VR simulation

Mazer Trainer

Choosing the right VR training platform is crucial for the success
of your training programs. Our comparison table provides a clear, concise
overview of how Mazer Trainer excels, offering unmatched features.

VR learners were

Faster to train than in the clasroom
More confident to apply skills learned after training
More emotionally connected to content than classroom learners
More focused than e-learning peers
PwC VR Soft Skills Training Efficacy Study, 2020

Spaces in Mazer Trainer

You have the freedom to select the virtual space where you will host your colleagues or clients for VR training sessions. Choose from dynamic coworking areas within your private virtual headquarters to serene settings ideal for coaching sessions in OakHill, available both by day and night.

You have the power to decide the setting for your training sessions.



Estimate the implementation cost of the Mazer Trainer in your company by comparing the average expenses of traditional training to those of virtual training, and evaluate the return on investment (ROI).

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Total Summary
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Access a 7-day free demo of Mazer Trainer
to explore the limitless possibilities it offers!

Mazer Enterprise

Welcome to Mazer, where reality meets innovation to provide unmatched business solutions.

Mazer is a leading XR/VR business solutions provider specializing in crafting bespoke virtual spaces and scenarios for a diverse range of industries including financial, medical, IT, technology, and business. Our portfolio showcases innovative projects like a virtual datacenter designed for technical training and meetings, an educational game for Polish schools, and a virtual digital twin of the iconic Rotunda PKO in Warsaw, Poland. And many more.

We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining our own XR infrastructure. This unique approach ensures resilience against global disruptions and grants us independence in project creation. 

Every element is custom-built from scratch to adhere to copyright and legal terms, ensuring we maintain the highest industry standards globally.

We will support you on your journey to implement XR solutions in your company, providing comprehensive technical support every step of the way.

CEO and Founder of Mintfy

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with XR Wizards, which has provided us with over 800 dedicated metaverse spaces for individual use.

XR Wizards’ expertise in the metaverse space is unparalleled. Their proficiency in crafting immersive virtual environments has allowed our community members to experience unforgettable virtual experiences.

Moreover, our ongoing collaboration with MAZER & XR Wizards continues to be a fruitful and rewarding journey.

Their proactive approach to implementing new functionalities has kept us at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our community members have access to cuing-edge features and experiences in the metaverse.



Practice Manager

XR Wizards expertise in the metaverse space has truly impressed us, and we are delighted to express our utmost satisfaction with our partnership with XR Wizards sofar. 

XR Wizards demonstrated a deep understanding of our unique requirements and assisted us with formulating a solution that fits within the visionary approach to technology that we believe in at Ocean Heart Group. 

We highly recommend XR Wizards to any organization seeking a reliable and forward-thinking partner in the metaverse domain. Their commitment to excellence, exceptional technical capabilities, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction make them an invaluable asset for any metaverse-related venture. 



Mazer Platform

The reality we create for you is virtual,
but the benefits it brings are real.


Our Mazer World Available on:

Immerse, Train, Repeat!

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