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Augmented Reality (AR) at Mazer

Understanding Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) seamlessly combines digital elements with the real world, enhancing our sensory experience. From smartphone applications to complex business solutions, AR bridges the gap between virtual and tangible.

Do you need everyday example?: Consider online glasses shopping. Trying frames virtually and then buying them is a perfect example of augmenting our reality, turning a digital experience into a physical one.

The Mechanics of Augmented Reality

AR operates through the synergy of computer vision, depth tracking, mapping, and localization. Together, they empower the AR platform to understand, process, and augment our sensory experiences.

Depth tracking discerns the proximity of objects, which is pivotal for practical AR experiences. Mapping lets you overlay virtual objects onto real entities, such as overlaying glasses onto your face.

  • Retail: Brands like Sephora and Wayfair use AR for virtual try-ons, allowing a glimpse of products before purchasing.
  • Industrial Services: Solutions like Fieldbit use AR for real-time collaboration, streamlining on-field repairs with remote expert guidance.
  • Design & Modeling: AR’s 3D modeling aids in product design, providing designers an immersive view of products.
  • Education & Training: Medical training sees AR in action, reducing traditional lab hours while improving hands-on learning.
  • Repair & Maintenance: Hyundai’s AR owner’s manual offers how-to guides, promoting self-help and reducing downtime.
Business Strategy with AR

Integrate AR by defining objectives. For instance, if QA is tedious, AR can digitalize instructions for efficient testing.

Platforms like Houzz use AR for product visualization, enhancing sales. Similarly, Wanna Kicks lets users virtually try shoes, personalizing shopping.

AR can amplify brand recognition, streamline customer experiences, and craft interactive product demos, ensuring memorable consumer interactions.

AR for Business: The Benefits
  • Enhanced Decision-making: AR’s multi-dimensional view aids more informed decisions.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: Central to brand goals, AR ensures immersive and memorable user encounters.
  • Operational Efficiency: AR refines processes, ensuring time and cost savings.
  • Competitive Advantage: In a bustling marketplace, AR provides a distinctive edge.
  • Data Insights: AR equips businesses with data for deeper analysis and continuous refinement.

Presentation of flying helicopter models using the AR application.

The augmented reality (AR) application allows you to view three-dimensional models of helicopters using a smartphone. You just need to point your phone’s camera at photos of helicopters on different materials. Such photos may be published in the press, brochures, or other advertising materials produced by the manufacturer.

When the user touches the helicopter model on the phone, it starts the engine, the propellers start spinning, and the model flies itself! The virtual helicopter starts flying around the room and the user can follow it by looking at it on the phone. At one point, the helicopter fires rockets. As the rockets travel in 3D as VR / Mixed Reality objects, the user can avoid being hit by dodging and turning away from the rocket’s path.

Who Benefits from AR?

Enhance sales, streamline operations, and understand consumer behaviors.

Craft immersive campaigns and drive brand awareness.  

Visualize products in real-time, refining designs.

Offer hands-on, interactive learning experiences.

Enjoy enriched shopping experiences and product interactions.

Pros and Cons of AR
– Real-time Interaction: Engage with digital enhancements instantly
– Enhanced Training: Offer hands-on learning without physical risks
– Customer Engagement: Drive brand loyalty through interactive experiences
– Hardware Dependence: Quality AR often requires specific devices
– Learning Curve: Requires user adaptation and training

Partner with Mazer for AR Excellence

Mazer is your gateway to the AR future. Whether boosting sales, elevating brand presence, or refining operations, our AR solutions are tailored for business innovation.

Immerse, Train, Repeat!

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