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Advanced Training tools

Mazer Trainer provides you with additional options to enhance your training at every stage of preparation. With advanced tools, you can easily create interactive quizzes or record your sessions for later analysis.

Mazer Training Cards: Unlocking Infinite Fun and Learning

Coaching tools:

Diagrams etc. Deeper connections and more impactful interactions between coaches and their clients.

Bringing Learning to Life with Videos

Video Recorders:

Capture XR training sessions, including immersive simulations, virtual scenarios, and learner interactions. Recording XR experiences allows for review, analysis, and feedback, facilitating continuous improvement in training delivery and content development.

The Quiz Quest: Are You Up for the Training Challenge?


By incorporating quizzes into XR experiences, trainers can gauge learner progress, identify areas for improvement.

360° Immersion: Transform Training with Panoramic Videos

360° Video:

Produce immersive training content by using panoramic video footage. Capturing real-world environments and scenarios in 360 degrees, trainers can create engaging XR experiences that transport learners to different locations and contexts for hands-on learning.

Gadgets make easier navigation and communication inside training spaces during the training


With Mazer in an immersive way!


Growth possible for your clients!


For any type of training!

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