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Mazer is an XR powerhouse

We develop cutting-edge SaaS products, provide custom B2B services, and are building a fully functional Metaverse.Infinite potential applications, including for product launches, training, conferences, marketing campaigns, and many more.Innovate, enhance your bottom line, and leave the competition light years behind.

Mazer Engine

The underlying foundation for this is Mazer Engine – our potent and proprietary development engine constructed to build XR environments that combine beautiful aesthetics with enterprise-level functionalities. This gives us the freedom and the capability to swiftly build exquisite XR solutions and practical applications which are visually appealing, flexible, reliable, and secure, putting the power firmly in your hands.

Powering state-of-the-art XR environments 

Every product created using Mazer Engine benefits from AAA gaming visuals combined with cutting-edge functionalities. Our XR environments are:

Realistic and authentic
  • Multiple users can interact with complex virtual objects and each other in real time.
  • Users can generate and personalize their own full-body, lifelike avatars.
  • Outstanding sound quality as well as natural lip sync and eye contact capabilities facilitate genuine, natural interactions between users.
  • Environments can be fully customized to customer specifications.
  • Physically accurate objects and XR digital twins can be created for Industry 4.0.
Flexible and easy to use
  • UX is intuitive and accessible.
  • An unlimited number of users can be hosted simultaneously.
  • Multiple XR spaces can be connected, both within a company’s network and throughout Mazer’s network, and eventually beyond this to other networks.
  • Existing websites and services can be integrated, for example, to allow automatic authentication of current users.
  • Unrestricted growth is possible thanks to unlimited scaling possibilities.
  • Mazer Engine is hardware agnostic and supported by all major commercially available headsets.
  • Installation and updates are carried out via the cloud or on premises, making it easy to roll out across large corporations.
  • Mobile and PC functionalities are included, though the primary use is as a true XR experience.
  • Seamless operation is possible on a range of headsets and internet speeds due to super-low latency streaming capabilities and dynamic management of image quality distribution.
Safe and secure
  • Data and communications are fully end-to-end encrypted, so all information is kept private and confidential.
  • Different roles may be assigned within the space, for example ‘guest’ or ‘admin’, to control and restrict access where necessary.

Identification of business use

We work with our clients to identify their needs and how they can use virtual reality for their individual purposes.

We provide advice on how to use and apply virtual reality (single application / network / platform).

We verify and evaluate the use of virtual reality solutions, constantly adapting to the changing requirements of our customers.

We help our customers to find new areas of inspiration and ideas.

We shape new solutions and support our clients in achieving their business goals.

We build virtual reality spaces together with our clients.

We adapt the unlimited possibilities of virtual reality to the specific requirements of our clients. We adapt to our clients’ needs and show them how they can use virtual reality to fully achieve engaging content and immersive virtual environments. This approach makes immersion in virtual reality an unforgettable experience.

Setting up hardware configuration for a particular use can get tricky fast if you don’t know all the details of the project. Our XR experts will propose the hardware and software options best suited to your scenario. We also work closely with various manufacturers to make sure that headsets are distributed efficiently.

We support integration with existing customer systems and complete the whole process by assisting in an effective step-by-step process of installing XR software so you can get up and running in no time.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates happen in the background and automatically. Software users don’t have to update the software – they use it knowing that they will always be running the latest patch version.

At every stage, we support our clients and offer them appropriate solutions.

We are happy to provide further support in answering any additional questions regarding the operation of our software, XR – AR, VR, and mixed reality applications.

Flexible scaling options

Mazer is dynamic and scalable. It seamlessly accommodates the expansion of XR utilization in your business, allowing for unlimited numbers of users to be present and interact in any number of your spaces.

We monitor our XR systems in terms of the load capacity of a high number of users and we scale our resources accordingly, adjusting the performance of the entire solution so that everyone has the same optimal experience without limitations.

Cloud and hosting management

To get the most out of XR solutions, you need to use multiple processes running in the background of the software.

Our computational capacity and data traffic are handled by an additional shell that controls and ensures optimal session configuration without additional links or data overheads.

The whole Mazer experience is hosted in the cloud, and we are committed to choosing a stable infrastructure and using resources efficiently.

Mazer – Multi-user XR solution

Mazer has been designed with corporate and business needs in mind. We know which aspects are critical when providing an enterprise-quality, multi-user XR solution:

  • End-to-end encryption of communication keeps confidential information safe.
  • Unlimited scaling possibilities ensure that your business can have unrestrained growth.
  • Our patent-pending solution allows seamless integration with your existing web services. One of the many applications of Mazer is to allow your customers and employees to authenticate their sessions by using their pre-existing accounts on your website. Additionally, you can integrate existing websites with your XR space to show off products and deliver dedicated experiences to your customers in XR.
  • Thanks to over-the-air updates, all new functionalities, spaces, gadgets, and experiences are delivered to headsets remotely and seamlessly.
  • Our honeycomb and bee-garden inspired architecture can be used to create complete virtual worlds where your employees, partners, and customers can meet, cooperate, and even play together.
  • Mazer enables easy creation of XR Digital Twins for Industry 4.0.
  • Mazer is hardware agnostic; it works on and integrates with all commercially available headsets, mobile phones, and computers.

Immerse, Train, Repeat!

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