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On the Mazer Trainer platform, you can access additional tools to enhance the entire XR/VR training experience for both you and your clients.

The overall learning experience or NPC trainers that can be programmed to adapt to different learning styles and skill levels, providing tailored guidance and support to meet your needs.

NPC Characters in Action

Virtual crowds

Virtual crowds offer a safe and controlled environment for practicing public speaking skills without the pressure of real-world consequences, allowing participants to make mistakes and learn from them without judgment.

NPC characters

NPC characters can represent diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, helping participants develop cultural competence and sensitivity by engaging with characters from different walks of life.


Our phototable offers

Our phototable offers a unique feature set that allows trainers to work with various images, training captions, and intentions in real-time. You can easily configure and tag images, presenting them as sets of cards or sentences. The platform enables effortless export of images, creation of slideshows, and adjustment of image sizes right on the phototable panel. Additionally, users can extract, enlarge, shrink, share, and transfer images seamlessly. The media library supports uploading an unlimited number of images, including GIFs, memes, photographs, and trainer cards, providing versatility. Switching between tables offers different functionalities, such as connecting sentences or selecting suitable images. Plus, users can engage in Memo games for icebreaking sessions. With our phototable, explore a world of images and tables tailored to your training needs.

You can create a more realistic training environment by simulating real-world scenarios and interactions.


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