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Create a virtual communication network to connect your company with your audience The network is created by deploying high-quality, easy-to-use headsets along with hand controllers.

The headsets can be branded with your company’s logo and shipped worldwide to your desired location.
Users of the headsets we provide are the heart of your network, but our technology also allows other invited users to join the network via their own VR headsets.

But that’s not all. The virtual spaces created in Mazer can even be accessed from basic PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, ensuring that you can maximize the coverage of your target audience.
Users will be able to see any XR content we create for your company, including presentations, tutorials, special events, and many more. Mazer also allows connected in dividuals to interact with each other in designated spaces.

Healthcare in the metaverse

Find below examples of use cases for Health Sector Professionals.
As a healthcare professional or leader, have you contemplated integrating revolutionary technology to further elevate patient care, education, and treatment outcomes?

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  • Personalized Telehealth: Offer superior telemedicine services with XR tools. Enhance patient education, self-care, and engagement for those who need medical attention without the necessity of in-person consultations.
  • Revolutionary Surgical Training: Dive into realistic VR surgical simulations, allowing professionals to train, collaborate, and refine their skills without the constraints of traditional methods.
  • Diagnostic Clarity: Facilitate accurate patient diagnosis through AR’s visual representations, ensuring mutual understanding and precision in treatment.
  • Immersive Medical Education: Move beyond traditional educational barriers. Offer medical students and professionals immersive XR learning experiences that closely mimic real-life scenarios.
  • First Aid Enhancement: Empower first responders with AR tools, optimizing quick response while retaining full maneuverability.
  • Transformative Pharma Marketing: Engage the digital healthcare audience with AR. Present medications and healthcare solutions in an engaging, interactive, and clear format, driving customer understanding and trust.

With Mazer, reshape the healthcare experience, blending tradition with cutting-edge technology, leading the sector towards unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction. Check how we can help your business.

This means that once the headsets are deployed, they become a streamlined communication channel with content magically appearing without the need to do anything but simply provide approval!Adjust your XR content to the time of year, current events, or new trends to guarantee that your headset network remains fresh, entertaining, and effective while keeping your users curious and coming back for more!

Mazer helps pharmaceutical companies to ensure that healthcare providers stay up to date with their products and the latest scientific research. The tools available include engaging VR presentations about new drug releases, research updates, and the organization of conferences which allow participants to attend regardless of their location.

Medical device manufacturers can harness Mazer’s virtual communication network for product launches, tutorials, and training. Mazer is an elegant and efficient solution as one on-site headset at a customer’s headquarters is enough to keep the whole staff abreast of current products and procedures.

Healthcare providers can use Mazer to educate patients sitting in waiting rooms or to effectively obtain consent for procedures.

Immerse, Train, Repeat!

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