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Virtual Reality in Financial Services

One of its most interesting applications is the virtual branch module. Mazer allows you to insert your employee’s avatar, or even a hologram, into a virtual space. The projection happens in real time and in the setting of your choice: your regular branch office, headquarters or even a calm waterfall.

Using an easy to set-up 3D camera, you can virtually teleport your best employees to any place in the world, so they can communicate with customers regardless of their location.

Mazer enables customer authentication as well as representation of and interaction with the customer’s account or portfolio in the VR space during his or her VR appointment in Mazer.

All you need is a headset on-site and your customer will literally be standing face-to-face with your specialist in a matter of seconds.

Find below examples of use cases for Financial Sector Professionals.

As a financial professional or a decision-maker, do you envision reshaping the realm of financial services with state-of-the-art technology?

  • Seamless Virtual Transactions: Reinvent the way customers make payments. Whether in a virtual game or a digital shopping mall, facilitate uninterrupted in-app transactions, enhancing user experience and convenience.
  • Virtual Branch Augmentation: Merge the traditional with the digital, offering clients a comprehensive blend of both worlds. Allow customers to avail branch services in the comfort of their VR environment.
  • Data Visualization Mastery: Simplify complex financial data, turning intricate spending patterns or vast financial databases into intuitive, immersive visuals. Enhance customer understanding and foster smarter financial decisions.
  • Training Excellence: From risk management to leadership development, employ VR to offer specialized training modules. Ensure compliance, elevate customer service, and sharpen sales tactics in a fully immersive, controlled environment.
  • Redefine financial experiences with Mazer – where innovation meets customer convenience, paving the way for a future where financial transactions are not just efficient, but also engaging.

We will help you with the idea and implementation.

The Mazer platform is optimized for scaling. The headsets do not need to be recalled to update Mazer or to introduce new functionalities due to over-the-air (OTA) update technology. The entire virtual branch can be updated without interrupting any ongoing appointments.

Customer information is secured using the best encryption technology. We have extensive experience of working with companies in the finance sector and understand the technical ins and outs of the security requirements.

Our technology allows client engagement to be measured based on eye tracking and facial expression data giving the employee real-time feedback on the customer’s level of engagement and satisfaction.

Mazer allows you to optimize your workforce and improve your customers’ experience at the same time.

Expand by opening new virtual offices in a matter of hours, reduce wait times, assign top employees to high-net-worth customers, and increase client satisfaction.

Mazer enables the free flow of employees between your physical and virtual branches. Set up a 3D camera in your largest office and move idle employees to virtual reality at will, where they can meet busy clients at busy locations where headsets are available.

By avoiding the costs that are associated with maintaining a stationary facility, you can increase your competitiveness and business profits. Thanks to the Mazer 360 service, you are supported at each and every step.

Do not fall behind the competition. Get in touch to discuss Mazer’s implementation today.

Immerse, Train, Repeat!

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