Metaverse may be the most vague, exciting and controversial term
of the recent years and is surely going to remain such in the near future.
This makes some sceptical, and rightly so.


Coming from a healthcare and finance background, we pride ourselves in walking the walk, which means standing behind every word we use. Having said that, we do, indeed, build Metaverse for business.

The Metaverse we have designed and continue to develop with Mazer can be understood as a honeycomb structure where various businesses occupy separate cells. Metaverse visitors can smoothly move from one cell to another, from a car showroom, through a bank virtual branch to their healthcare provider’s office.

It all can be done without changing their avatar, without having to log in again and being able to use their credit card at all those spaces. among other countless functionalities. The Metaverse we design is a true cross-reality platform, with options for the businesses’ customers to answer a call on their mobile or peruse email while in the Metaverse.

With our technology, Metaverse travellers can traverse a different universe of connected spaces for business or leisure all while the businesses and their information separate from each other with an impenetrable firewall. Our clients join our Metaverse to expand their reach, get light years ahead of their competition, and make the lives of their customers easier.

Please reach out to us to learn more about the Metaverse we are building for businesses using Mazer and how your company can become a part of it.

For more details on the current state of Metaverse, feel free to read our article: Metaverse 101: What is it, what will it look like, and how will it develop?


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