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Virtual Reality workout – the immersive gym of tomorrow

With the COVID-19 crisis leading to the closure of gyms in most countries all over the world, most of us had to get a bit more creative with home and outdoor workouts. People seeking a different type of workout, tired of videos that only provide some inspiration, have also tried Virtual Reality, more and more often called the future of exercise. Suddenly it has turned out that new technologies are taking the fitness world by storm and VR is one of these technologies that is now branching out into fitness.

VR workout is not just something that doesn’t go well beyond video games. It has come a long way with improved technology and now, both individuals use technology to immerse into a new, virtual workout environment in the safety of their homes, and huge gym networks include VR gymin their current or future development strategies . Why? Keep reading to find out everything about VR workout!

VR workout to be done at home

If you have been paying a little bit attention to Virtual Reality technologies, you must have heard about Oculus, a no. 1 and only option for a long time. Now, VR is more accessible than ever, and VR full-body workout is available to anyone. While VR workout began as a novelty, now it can be a state-of-the-art fitness center in the middle of your living room.

To be honest, there are probably dozens or hundreds of VR fitness apps to choose from. Every single one helps you burn some calories but in fact, there are only a few specifically focused on exercise. Lets look at the most popular and recommended VR fitness app type.

VR sport game apps – Virtual Reality Fitness Games are virtual sports games. They consist in moving in accordance with the game’s directions and its characteristics in specially prepared glasses (goggles), put on the face. Thanks to them, we can move to virtual reality and without leaving home we can move to another world. All we have to do is follow the plot of the game and follow certain instructions

VR Fitness games are divided into different categories. You can choose from sports games, dance games or role-playing games. The most common categories that can be divided into virtual games are:

  • martial arts, e.g. boxing, kickboxing, gladiatorial fights
  • skill games, e.g. archery, basketball, golf
  • dance games
  • role-playing games
  • team games, such as the NBA
  • sports games, e.g. fitness training, strength training, squat challenge, winter sports, ping-pong, wingsuit, tennis

Why Virtual Reality workout at home is a great idea?

VR workout has numerous advantages. First of all, it’s massive fun. You don’t even feel like you’re working out. Nobody likes dreading a workout and VR feels like play. And when something brings you joy, it becomes sustainable, doesn’t it? Virtual Reality gym is something you lose yourself in. Just perfect for those who want to sweat and laugh like a kid at the same time. What else?

  • Are you a competitive person? No matter if you love to compete against opponents or against yourself, VR has been created just for you. You work out harder and harder, increase your position on the scoreboard and beat your opponents.
  • Convenience – VR fitness doesn’t require any additional equipment. You can throw on a VR gym at any time. You can try new things in full privacy – no need to feel intimidated, you are in the safety of your home, doing your favorite workout!
  • VR workoutis beneficial to your technique , coordination and brain-body connection – virtual reality workout perfectly builds your coordination. You can master your precision of movements and become really quick. On top of that, VR fitness apps help you keep your body and brain working together.
  • VR breaks up the monotony – while going to a regular gym, your trainer probably likes to tout the importance of creating a habit, developing internal motivation. In fact, most people struggle with this approach and Virtual Reality means endless opportunities for novelty in workouts. You can also connect (literally) with other users all over the world.

VR gyms – the future of fitness is now?

A few years ago, Bluetooth-enabled treadmills were a fringe technology. Today, a handful of innovative VR gyms start to offer immersive fitness experiences unfolding in vast digital worlds. The experience itself is the real game-changer – there are fully immersive video games that users pedal through on specially equipped stationary bikes while wearing alien-looking headsets. You can also propel a kayak down a tropical river or ride the back of a flying horse through a mythical landscape. You are quickly set into an immersive state that makes exercising fly by and feel less tedious. A half-hour goes, an hour goes, and you have burnt hundreds of calories and a Virtual Reality workout is made. VR gyms are definitely an exhilarating and adventurous way to carve off some pounds, build up muscle and feel more empowered!

How about equipment?

Gyms of the future make it easier for you to accomplish your fitness goals – take control over your body, feel better about yourself and stay strong for years to come. What VR gym equipment can you expect?

  • Black Box VR – probably one of the most innovative among VR gym equipment. The box covers about 8 feet by 8 feet room. You have Vive tracked armbands attached to stand as weapons and special abilities in virtual sports. You are the superhero who defeats bad guys with chest presses in Virtual Reality. At the same time, you get a major upper body workout.
  • Holofit – a VR fitness machine that changes the way gym-goers get their cardio in. It’s VR running, spinning and elliptical training that gives you a kick out of life. The machine uses Vive headsets that have various games taking you from outer space to an underwater ocean.
  • Icaros – a real breakthrough for exercising and zeroing in on the abs and obliques. Their VR flying games work for the core, back, upper and lower body by shifting body weight. There is a flying simulator that you use with Vive, Oculus and Gear VR headsets.
  • VirZOOM – a VR fitness machine that brings fully immersive exercise bikes to gyms.

Why invest in Virtual Reality gym?

If you want to increase the motivation of gym-goers, VR gym equipment is something that will bring your gym to the next level. With virtual reality gymyour customers not only get attracted towards it, but it also creates an immersive feeling. It’s more play than work – VR fitness games make workout more fun and allow users to track their progress, heart rate etc. People can also compete with others in real-time. First, they are excited to see how real the virtual environment is but then, they are also surprised by how effective a workout is. From a gym owner’s point of view, VR gym definitely boosts customer excitement and fuels the gym adoption rate. More members are attracted as people are excited to try VR-based applications. The potential of VR as a fitness tool is literally limitless.

The future of VR gyms

Virtual Reality is definitely changing what the gyms of the present look like. The technology is expanding at an unprecedented rate with many gyms implementing it to make workout more fun for members and also increase their profits. This is more than safe to say that VR is becoming one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry.
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Immerse, Train, Repeat!

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