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  • 12 May 2022
  • Mazer

The Metaverse: What the Experts are Saying

Although several companies are already involved in the metaverse, it is still a new and developing technology. Some predict that it will take another 5-10 years to fully build the metaverse, with others giving even lengthier estimations. That said, it might be better to think of the metaverse in a more organic way, as something […]

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  • 11 April 2022
  • Mazer

How will the metaverse ensure online security?

Online security is something which concerns all of us in the modern world. Our data is stored in so many digital places and with banking, health records, and private communications all happening online, it is essential that these things remain secure. As with anything, there are those who would seek to steal this data and […]

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  • 7 April 2022
  • Mazer

Shopping in the Metaverse

Late last year, Walmart, one of the world’s biggest retailers, announced that it would be taking on its own metaverse solutions, filing a number of new trademarks in the process. The retail giant’s aim is to create its own virtual products, but it also plans to launch a cryptocurrency and a range of NFTs. With […]

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  • 15 March 2022
  • Mazer

Uses of metaverse. How companies are already using the metaverse?

The metaverse might seem like its brand new, but some forward-looking companies have already begun development on metaverse solutions in an attempt to get ahead of the crowd. Most people are aware of Facebook’s foray into the metaverse space after Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in October 2021 that he would be changing the company’s name to […]

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  • 7 March 2022
  • Mazer

Metaverse 101: What is it, what will it look like, and how will it develop?

‘The metaverse is the next evolution of social connection.’ Or so says the opening line of Meta’s new website. But what exactly does this mean, and how will the metaverse space evolve over the coming months and years? Here we investigate these questions to give you the basics of this potentially world-changing technology. What does […]

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