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Banking to enter the age of Virtual Reality with Mazer’s breakthrough technology

  • 8 April 2022

VR technology has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years with 14 million AR and VR devices sold in 2019 alone and the global market expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022 (https://techjury.net/blog/virtual-reality-statistics/). With more users than ever moving online in both their personal lives and in business, there is a hunger for innovative technologies that can smooth the way for more comfortable virtual interactions.

One area where this technology is set to grow is the banking industry. Attempts have been made to introduce VR into banking over the past few years but many applications, such as Wells Fargo’s Virtual Maze Community Marketing, where users had to travel through a virtual maze collecting gold coins, have been gimmicky at best and there is yet to be any truly functional VR application in the banking industry.

With Mazer’s breakthrough VR technology, this is set to change. This cutting-edge tool will take online communication to the next level, allowing users to connect in an online, virtual space anywhere there is a VR headset. Gone are the days of expensive headsets available only to the wealthy. Affordable headsets from companies such as Google and Samsung have opened up the market to many more consumers, making it easy to access virtual spaces from virtually any location.

Transport your customers to a unique virtual location

Once the customer puts the headset on, they are taken to a virtual branch where they can interact directly with an avatar or hologram of the bank’s employee. But this space does not have to be a regular office. It could be any location you choose, even a calm waterfall, making the customer’s experience truly unique. The bank’s employee only needs a 3D camera to appear in any location where the customer may be.

Make the most of Mazer’s extensive experience in the financial sector

Mazer’s technology was built on the back of extensive experience, with everything geared towards making life easier for both business and customers. One example of this is the monitoring of customer responses, where eye tracking and facial expression data can be fed back to the bank’s employee, giving them key measurements of client engagement and satisfaction in real-time.

Another useful feature is over-the-air updates, which mean that services can continue to function while devices are remotely updated with no fuss and seamless transitions. On top of this, VR spaces seamlessly integrate existing browsers and apps used by banks and all customer data is secured using the best encryption technology.

Expand beyond your physical horizons

The increasing cost of office space makes it difficult for companies to expand into new physical spaces, but there is no limit to the world of extended reality. Virtual offices can be set up in just a few hours and accessed from all over the world. What is more, headsets can be available at physical offices to move available employees to busy locations and optimize workforce management. Setup and maintenance costs are extremely low, making the whole process convenient, affordable and good for your bottom line.

Go further with Mazer’s extended reality spaces

Mazer’s flexible platform can open up a world of possibilities for any financial institution. Being on the cutting edge of such revolutionary technologies is a must in today’s ever more competitive marketplace and any business hoping to stay relevant and competitive should seriously consider exploring the possibilities of Mazer’s unique extended reality service.

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Rafał Siejca

Rafal was a true early adopter of virtual reality and has a deep passion for the subject. He bought his first VR device more than two decades ago, was the first Oculus PL backer on Kickstarter, and has become one of the most prominent experts on VR and XR technologies in his home country of Poland. His personal interest has extended into his corporate life as well, where he worked as an IT Manager for PZU Group and an Expert at Bank Millennium before moving into the world of corporate VR, where he has amassed a decade of hands-on experience designing VR solutions. He is also a true metaverse fanatic who has put his heart and soul into building Mazer Space with the help of his talented team of developers, achieving magnificent results. As CEO and CTO, he ensures that each project is delivered on time to the highest possible standard.

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