Identification of business use


We work with our clients to identify their needs and how they can use virtual reality for their individual purposes.


We provide advice on how to use and apply virtual reality (single application / network / platform).


We verify and evaluate the use of virtual reality solutions, constantly adapting to the changing requirements of our customers.


We help our customers to find new areas of inspiration and ideas.


We shape new solutions and support our clients in achieving their business goals.


We build virtual reality spaces together with our clients.


We adapt the unlimited possibilities of virtual reality to the specific requirements of our clients.

We adapt to our clients’ needs and show them how they can use virtual reality to fully achieve engaging content and immersive virtual environments. This approach makes immersion in virtual reality an unforgettable experience.

Integration and installation assistance

We support integration with existing customer systems and complete the whole process by assisting in an effective step-by-step process of installing XR software so you can get up and running in no time.

Hardware setup and distribution

Setting up hardware configuration for a particular use can get tricky fast if you don’t know all the details of the project. Our XR experts will propose the hardware and software options best suited to your scenario. We also work closely with various manufacturers to make sure that headsets are distributed efficiently.

24/7 over-the-air

Over-the-air (OTA) updates happen in the background and automatically. Software users don’t have to update the software – they use it knowing that they will always be running the latest patch version.

Customer support

At every stage, we support our clients and offer them appropriate solutions.

We are happy to provide further support in answering any additional questions regarding the operation of our software, XR – AR, VR, and mixed reality applications.

Flexible scaling options

Mazer is dynamic and scalable. It seamlessly accommodates the expansion of XR utilization in your business, allowing for unlimited numbers of users to be present and interact in any number of your spaces.

We monitor our XR systems in terms of the load capacity of a high number of users and we scale our resources accordingly, adjusting the performance of the entire solution so that everyone has the same optimal experience without limitations.

Cloud and hosting management

To get the most out of XR solutions, you need to use multiple processes running in the background of the software.

Our computational capacity and data traffic are handled by an additional shell that controls and ensures optimal session configuration without additional links or data overheads.

The whole Mazer experience is hosted in the cloud, and we are committed to choosing a stable infrastructure and using resources efficiently.